Jul 16, 2014

WHSV-TV3 Signal Coming To DirecTV For Page County Residents

Category: Station News

Page County, July 16, 2014: Congressman Bob Goodlatte appeared on WHSV’s News at 5 today to announce an agreement that will allow Page County residents to receive WHSV’s signal on DirecTV.

Currently, Page County falls within the Washington, D.C. designated market area. As a result, Page County’s DirecTV subscribers receive the Washington D.C.-based WJLA as their ABC station. However, residents have been very vocal about their desire to receive the Harrisonburg-based ABC affiliate which provides local news and weather coverage of their area.

At a meeting last week, representatives from WHSV, DirecTV and Allbritton Communications (owners of WJLA) worked out an agreement to offer WHSV in Page County. “I think that this is a good example of companies working together to accomplish what their customers want to have happen,” Goodlatte told WHSV’s Bob Corso. Goodlatte said the process to bring WHSV to Page County on DirecTV could take up to six months. However, he said the satellite provider is “working expeditiously” to make it happen as soon as possible.

WHSV is still unavailable to Comcast Cable and Dish Network subscribers in Page County. However, Goodlatte vowed to continue his efforts on behalf of his constituents. “Now that DirectTV has taken this important step, I will continue working with other cable and satellite carriers to bring WHSV to Page County viewers,” Goodlatte said in a press release.