Healthy Mind Resources

A healthy mind is vital to reaching your potential and is as important as physical health. GrayTV offers many different resources to employees and their families to help manage daily stress in order to live a more balanced life.

If you don't know where to begin, let us help. This site provides an overview of resources that may be available for employees and their families.


When calling 911 to report a mental health crisis, be ready to describe the emergency, your relationship to the person and if there are weapons involved. You will be asked for your name and the person's name, age and description. Make it clear that this is a mental health crisis and ASK FOR CIT OFFICERS to respond. CIT stands for Crisis Intervention Training and these specially trained officers (where available) are trained to de-escalate situations and are familiar with community mental health resources.

GrayTV's Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Employees and their household members all have access to resources through the company Employee Assistance Program with our partner, Corpcare. Services are available to employees and their household members even if they are not enrolled with any other Gray company benefits.

To contact the EAP, call 800-728-9444 or visit corpcareeap.com.

GrayTV partners with CorpCare to offer employee assistance with a myriad of situations like:

  • Parenting Problems
  • Family Problems
  • Work Difficulties
  • Marital Concerns
  • Stress Problems
  • Depression
  • Alcohol/Drug Misuse
  • Financial/Legal Referrals
  • Eldercare Referrals
  • Childcare Referrals
  • Other Personal Concerns

Services offered through the EAP:

  • Five (5) professional, confidential counseling sessions for employees and their families, either in person or virtual.
  • Work-life programs that include eldercare referrals, childcare referrals, and assistance with legal and financial referrals.
  • 24/7/365 availability of Master's degree level therapists.

Please note that the cost for the five (5) counseling sessions are FREE for any employees and their eligible family members. CorpCare will then work with the medical provider to transition from the EAP to the relevant medical plan for continued therapy sessions beyond the five (5) free sessions offered through the EAP.

Our EAP program also partners with Life Advantages, an interactive resource available to help you and your family build resilience and get answers to all of life's tough questions.

  • There are over 20,000 resources available through Life Advantages from Improving Mindfulness to Stress Management.
  • Visit corpcareeap.com/client-resources
    • Click on the LifeAdvantages button
    • Sign in with our Company Username: GrayTV

GrayTV's Mental Health Care For Each Medical Plan

Mental health support and/or treatment comes in several forms, including therapy, medication, social support, education, self-care, and more. At GrayTV, we believe your mental health deserves your care in the same way that your physical health does! Here are some resources made available under our company's group plan benefits.


For employees and their members with benefits through Anthem, you can find expert, compassionate, and confidential care – often at low or no cost. Participants have access to a wide array of programs and services online, over the phone, in person or through video.

Need to visit a mental health professional virtually? Use LiveHealth Online!

LiveHealth Online is Anthem's telehealth service. When using LiveHealth Online, participants may have private and secure video visits with a therapist, psychologist, psychologist, or psychiatrist without leaving the privacy and comfort of their home.

When using LiveHealth Online, participants can:

  • Talk with a licensed therapist in seven days or less. Sessions are 45 minutes and cost about the same as an in-office therapy visit.
    • For Network Plan Participants: $10 copay, per visit
    • For Headline Plan Participants: 20% after deductible, per visit
    • For Studio Plan Participants: $10 copay, per visit
  • Visit a board-certified psychiatrist within 2 weeks. A session usually costs the same as an in-office psychiatrist visit.
    • For Network Plan Participants: $70 copay, per visit
    • For Headline Plan Participants: 20% after deductible, per visit
    • For Studio Plan Participants: $60 copay, per visit

To make an appointment, visit livehealthonline.com, call 888-548-3432, or access care using Anthem's Sydney health mobile app.

Appointments are available from 7am -11pm, ET, seven days a week.

To find an in-network healthcare provider in your local area, use the Anthem's Sydney Health mobile app or visit www.anthem.com/find-care (click here for current GrayTV – Anthem members)

Anthem's Sydney Health mobile app gives you quick access to your health insurance information from your mobile device. With the free app you can:

  • Find an in-network doctor and estimate costs.
  • See your claims and check your benefits.
  • View and use your Anthem ID card. Chat to find answers to your questions.
  • Schedule virtual visits and track your health goals.

For additional information, visit Anthem's website. Download the Sydney Health app from the App Store or Google Play today by clicking these links or scanning the QR code!


For GrayTV plan participants in Hawaii, Kaiser Permanente and UHA offer a robust level of services to help you stay committed to living a healthy life mentally, physically and emotionally. Start a conversation about your healthy mind and wellness – anytime, anywhere.

Kaiser Permanente

For employees with coverage through Kaiser, explore their online resources, visit:

  • kp.org/mentalhealth: learn more about mental health and wellness, or abuse at Kaiser, including what to expect and how to get care.
  • Findyourwords.org: learn more about depression and find resources to get support for yourself or a loved one.
  • Kp.org/healthylifestyles: take a total health assessment and create a personalized action plan to reach your health goals with free healthy lifestyle programs for members 18 years and older.
  • Kp.org/stressmanagement: get tips to manage stress, try quick exercises to find calm in the moment, or listen to a podcast.

Kaiser Permanente has also expanded their mental health program to ensure that our Kaiser members receive the right care at the right time. Members can access a wide range of mental health and addiction medicine services, including, but not limited to:

  • Treatment for substance abuse
  • Eating disorders
  • Depression
  • Medication evaluation and management

Call a mental health specialist at Kaiser's Behavioral Health Access Center. To schedule an appointment, call Kaiser Monday – Friday, 8am-5pm, HST

Based on your schedule, Kaiser will arrange for an initial assessment with someone from their mental health care team or refer you to schedule an appointment with a provider in their expanded affiliate network.

For after-hours care, call the Crisis Line of Hawaii at 808-832-3100 (Oahu) or 800-753-6879 (Neighboring Islands)

Cost for therapy treatment when using Kaiser's medical plan is:

  • $15 copay in area, per visit (outpatient)
  • For inpatient stay, $75 per day
  • 20% coinsurance out of area, per visit

UHA Health

To explore UHA's online resources, visit:

General cost for therapy treatment when using UHA's medical plan is:

  • $12 copay, per visit
  • 20% of eligible charges, certain additional services

For more information regarding mental health services covered under the UHA plan, please visit www.uhahealth.com/member/login or call UHA at 800-458-4600.

LifeKeys through Lincoln Financial Group

Part of having a healthy mind is knowing that you've prepared as much as possible for the unexpected challenges that will arise throughout life. When these unexpected challenges arise, health and support are nearby.

The LifeKeys services through Lincoln Financial Group offer services for active employees to:

  • Help with Important Life Matters: You'll find supportive tools to topics like – legal, financial, family and career.
  • Protect Against Identity Theft: You'll find online resources to help recognize and prevent identity theft.
  • Prepare a Will: You'll find ways to create and execute a will so you can make vital decisions ahead of time.

For your beneficiaries, Lincoln Financial Group provides financial, legal and grief counseling services that arise due to the added stress of losing a loved one. For up to one (1) year after a loss, beneficiaries will have access to six (6) in-person sessions for grief counseling, legal, or financial information and unlimited phone counseling.

To access LikeKeys Services

Work/Life Balance

Disconnecting from work allows time to rest, relax, and rejuvenate. Avoid burnout and stress by using paid time off benefits. If employees require more time off for mental health reasons, contact HR to learn about options for leave. Email HR@gray.tv for more information about time off from work.

Workplace Conflict

When a conflict flairs at work, employees are asked to reach out to a professional on the Employee Relations team for support. The team members are trained to help employees navigate conflicts and create a positive work environment. Reach out to employeerelations@gray.tv

Focus On Caring

When an employee or their family member experiences an unforeseen, catastrophic event, Focus on Caring can help. Focus on Caring is a non-profit group established by employees to aid other employees and their families in times of great need. For more information, reach out to focusoncaring@gray.tv

Other Available Resources

If you or someone you know is struggling emotionally, or has concerns over their mental health, there is help! Use these resources to find help for you, a friend, or family member.

Get Immediate Help in a Crisis

  • Call 911 if you or someone is in immediate danger or go to the nearest emergency room
  • 988 Suicide and Crisis Hotline: Call or text 988
  • Use LifeLine Chat if you're near a computer
    • LifeLine Chat is a service where you can chat online with a licensed Therapist
    • Text 988 instead to connect via text with a licensed Therapist
  • For our Veterans
    • Use Veterans Crisis Chat if you're near a computer
    • You can also use 988, then PRESS 1 to get connected
    • Even if you're not enrolled in VA benefits or healthcare, you can use this service
  • Disaster Distress Hotline
    • Call or text 1-800-985-5990
    • The hotline provides immediate crisis counseling for people who are experiencing emotional distress due to natural or human-caused disaster.
    • The hotline is FREE and available 24/7

Federal Resources

Some federal agencies offer resources to help identify healthcare providers and low-cost health services.


This site is a resource provided to help you and your family be aware of mental health resources that may be available to you. Each employee benefit described is governed by it's own plan documents which may be found here: Human Resources, Benefits, and Payroll - SPDs - All Documents (sharepoint.com). Resources may require additional payments or information.

If you or your family are experiencing a mental health crisis, please call 911 for immediate attention.